For Children 

We employ Technicians for the children who come to our facility either one to one or one to two. Technicians will also come to your home to provide service or both.We have also contracted with Mastered Degree Professionals as Family Consultants. They will come to your home and spend a few hours asking questions about your family and what kind for goals you want for your child. This information is used to customize your child's treatment plan which is given to service coordinators if you are on the MSDE autism waiver. The plan is also used by the technician to know what your child's goals are and to gear the activities of the day towards opportunities for your child to engage in tasks or outings that help him or her meet those goals. 


For Assisted Living

We employ 24 hour CNA's Certified Nursing Assistants who are also CMT's Certified Medical Technicians as caregivers in the assisted living facility. 

Our founder, Aileen J. Carmon, has more than 14 years of healthcare experience.  

 Formerly working in the Engineering field as a Drafter, she left that field and decided to own her own business and do something that would help people.  Aileen first started with children who have autism and now her company has branched into offering assisted living to adults with disabilities. Aileen enjoys being an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  Our hope as a company is to help improve our clients quality of life thru our services for adults and children.

Our Technicians

Our Locations

Office: (301) 793-8127

Our Caregivers

T​A & R Comfort Care

​​Assisted Living House (Adults)

19021 North Frederick Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Therapeutic Integration Program (Children)

Gaithersburg High School

101 Education Blvd. room # 1137

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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