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T​A & R Comfort Care




It is the Mission and dedication of A & R Comfort Care to create a peaceful environment which reflects a home that has dedicated staff who shares, our mission, goals and values for providing the best quality of care with compassion and commitment to our residents health, happiness, well-being and piece of mind.

Take A Look Inside Our New Assisted Living Facility

Our vision is with the belief that the good life begins with choosing a residence that is best suited for your needs so that you can possess comfort and care. 

Our Philosophy is to provide a family friendly environment that is motivated and determined to provide each resident what we believe all seniors want and deserve: a fine tuned quality of life that radiates with the warmth and compassion of a loving family. Our primary focus is the health and well-being of our residents to help each to maintain as much independence as possible. 

​​A & R Comfort Care is not just an assisted living facility but a family friendly environment, motivated and determined to ensure that the quality of life for it's residents is optimized in a warm setting with a living room for activities and entertainment, a dining area for family enjoyment of daily home cooked healthy meals and a laundry area as well as a fully equipped kitchen. 

Our 24 hour on-site staff assists with the needs of each resident.  You will feel right at home socializing with others in a family and friendly environment at A & R Comfort Care.  We will make every effort to give each resident the individualized assistance they deserve.