Intensive IndividualSupport Services    (IISS)

Family Consultation


We have moved and are now located inside of the Gaithersburg High School in room 1137. This is our Therapeutic Integration Program, the children come here after school.  We strive to deliver an individualized, one of a kind, quality program that includes music, art, dance, movement, social skills, sharing and turn taking. During the Summer we have weekly outings to libraries, parks, eateries, butler's orchard, splash pools, aquatic therapeutics at a local pool, trampoline parks and more. 

Therapeutic Integration


IISS is one-on-one interventions with the participant provided by a direct care worker we call technicians. This service is goal-oriented and task-oriented, with interventions developed on an individualized basis based on the treatment plan that has been developed by the Family Consultant assigned to the family.

This IISS service may be provided in the participant's home or community environment as a learning experience and opportunity to illustrate and model alternative ways for the participant to behave. This is achieved through structured support, reinforcement, modeling and behavior management, and is documented thru the technicians daily written progress notes.

The goals for all of our children are intended to: 

  • prevent or defuse crises
  • promote social skills growth
  • provide behavior management skills
  • give a sense of security and safety
  • promote self-sufficiency and impulse control
  • improve positive self-expression and communication
  • reverse negative behaviors, attitudes and foster stabilization

The treatment plans are created, implemented and reviewed every six months for accuracy. 

Family Consultation is preformed by mastered degree professionals that are assigned to your family. The participant's family receive consultation on how to assist your child to acquire, retain or improve skills in a wide variety of areas that directly affect your child's development and ability to reside as independently as possible.

FC is provided once a month for 3 hours in order to receive and give updates on the progress of the participant. The monthly focus is on:

  • Habilitation
  • Self-direction
  • Behavior shaping and management
  • Daily living skills
  • Socialization
  • Mobility
  • Money management

Activities with the Children

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